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What's Blooming?

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May June July August
September October November December

Take a look at the NABA list of What's Blooming In & Around Nashville. Originally prepared by NABA member Elizabeth Dilley, this is an ever-growing guide to help beekeepers know where the honeybees might be gathering honey at any time of the year.

Remember that honeybees typically work only one crop at a time. So a colony will gather from the most abundant crop available until the nectar flow ceases for those blossoms. Then they will move on to another type of blossom.

Reference books for identification of weeds, flowers, trees, etc.

January & February
Henbit Forsythia Dandelion Japonica
Mahonia Japanese Honeysuckle    
Buttercup Periwinkle Tulip tree Crocus
Spirea Daffodils Serviceberry Wild plum
Dogwood Red-bud Chickweed Willow
Elm Cherry-ornamental Pussywillow Red maple
Mouse ear Chickweed Wild Sweet William Pear Wild Mustard
Strawberries Apples Violets Cherry
Primrose Lilacs Spring Larkspur Wild Cherry
Iris Grape Hyacinth Little Dutch white Clover Thrift Black Locust
Lunaria(money plant) Hyacinth(garden) Azalea Elaegnus Angusfolia
Alfalfa Day Lily Raspberries Lespedeza
Yarrow Persimmon Jewelweed Moth Mullein
Dutchman’s Breeches Elderberry Magnolia Queenann’s Lace
Sedum Laurel Privet Hedge Wild Bergamont (bee balm)
Swamp Saxifrage Cornflower Blackberry Purple Vetch
Fringed Phacelia Crown Vetch Daisy Fleabane Tartarian Honeysuckle
Ground Ivy Venus looking glass Crimson Clover Thistle
Lyre-leaf sage Yellow Goatsbeard Purple Vetch Fire Pink
Star chickweed Tulip poplar    
Abelia Basswood ( Linden) big & little leaf Beans Chicory
White Sweet Clover Stickweed Hobble bush Sourwood
Sunflower Squash Cucumbers Melons
  Vitex Sumac  
Asiatic Dayflower Buckbrush Smartweed Poke weed
Plantain Jimson weed Tall Bellflower Althea
Joe-pye weed Ironweed Wildsenna Passion flower
Wild phlox Golden Rain tree Sunflowers  
Ragweed Goldenrod Boneset Spanish needle
Asters Ceresua Japanese Bamboo Black-eyed Susan
Beggar Weed Blazing Star Virginia Copper leaf  
October, November & December
Elaegnus pungens