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NABA Links

Here we'll collect some favorite beekeeping links of our members. Feel free to suggest links to add. Other beekeeping sites are more than welcome to link to our site.

  • A.I. Root Company - beeswax candles, includes information on Bee Culture magazine.
  • AgriSurf! - links to many ag-related sites, use their search engine to find beekeeping sites.
  • Alaska Honeybee Home Page - Great pics of nectar sources in Alaska.
  • American Beekeeping Federation - Industry news, Honey Queen info and lots of links.
  • Apimondia and Apiservices - international information about beekeeping, bees, and honey, in English and French.
  • APIS: Apicultural Information and Issues - the longest running monthly newsletter in the United States chronicling change in the art and science of beekeeping.
  • Bee-Commerce On-line shopping for beekeeping supplies plus on-line help.
  • Beekeeper's Pages - beekeeping, honey, honey bees and apiculture are shown in pictures, news, and stories with Canadian content. Great photos and computer programs for beekeepers.
  • Beekeeping - Features PDF files of plans for hive parts, solar melter, Miller feeder. Lots of links.
  • Beekeeping in New Zealand - statistics and stories about bees, bee diseases, and unique honeys.
  • Beekeeping in Top-Bar Hives - An alternative to conventional beekeeping.  Includes plans.
  • Belinda's Beekeeping Spot - information, contacts, and FAQs for all beekeeping requirements from the (pre) beginner to old-hands.
  • Dadant & Sons - beekeeping supplies and the American Bee Journal
  • E-Answers - search for information from several land-grant universities, great resource!
  • Georgia Beekeepers Association - official site.
  • Heartland Apicultural Society - Regional beekeeping organization that includes Tennessee.
  • Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive - archive for the Usenet newsgroup science.agriculture.beekeeping, the listserv bee-l, the sci.agriculture.beekeeping faq, beekeeping, and apiculture information.
  • John's Beekeeping Notebook - information on observation hives, queen rearing, intermediate technology beekeeping, and experiences as a Peace Corps beekeeper in the Fiji Islands.
  • Midnite Bee - the latest buzz on the issues facing beekeepers in Maine and all over the country.
  • Mite Control in Honeybees With Essential Oils - by Jim Amrine, Entomologist & Acarologist, West Virginia University, Division of Plant and Soil Sciences
  • Ross Rounds - web site of the manufacturer, good section on marketing
  • Tennessee Beekeepers Association: Official site
  • Usenet - sci.agriculture.beekeeping - beekeeping, bee-culture, and hive products.
  • Usenet - alt.hobbies.beekeeping - Where do you keep *your* bees?
  • Walden Ridge Apiary - East Tennessee beekeepers.