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Locating an Apiary

The location of the apiary should provide the essential elements for maximum performance by your colonies.

  1. An abundant source of nectar and pollen should be near the apiary.
  2. Nectar and pollen-producing plants that bloom in late summer, fall, winter and early spring are very beneficial to colonies for brood rearing and over wintering.
  3. A good supply of clean water should be available within one-quarter of a mile.
  4. The apiary should be located on a hillside for maximum air drainage to reduce humidity.
  5. Late afternoon shade is desirable to aid in cooling the colony.
  6. A good vegetative growth on the North should be available to protect colonies from the cold winter winds. Trees or shrubs are good wind breaks and protect colonies from the cold winds.
  7. An apiary should be near a hard-surface road. It is necessary to visit your apiary in all kinds of weather.

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