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Who We Are

Beekeepers of Middle Tennessee (BMT) formed in February 2003 with a goal to provide beekeepers in Southern Middle Tennessee with a group of like-minded individuals who learn and share ideas on effective ways to keep honeybees. Honeybee populations in Tennessee continue to decline at an alarming rate. With the decrease in bee colonies in Tennessee from an estimated 200,000 colonies in 1980, to an estimated 24,000 colonies in 2000, the importance of Beekeepers to Tennessee Agriculture has never been more valuable. Currently, the estimated value of pollination to Tennessee Agriculture is $118.9 million per year. This estimate excludes the value to non-crop agriculture, which is significant; i.e. cattle that consume honeybee pollinated grains and grasses. BMT strives to keep its members aware of new beekeeping techniques specifically on how to treat bees and keep them alive from various pests including Varroa and tracheal mites, foulbrood, small hive beetle and more. BMT is also a proud member of the Tennessee Beekeepers Association and actively serves on its Board of Directors.