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Beekeeping Calendar of Management Practices: November

  • Rake all leaves and dead grass away from the colony to prevent fire. Cut tall grass.
  • Fence apiary to protect the colonies from livestock.
  • Feed one gallon of a two to one sugar syrup with 7/8 teaspoon Fumidil-B.
  • Check all tops to be sure they are waterproof.
  • Place a weight on the outer cover to prevent the wind from blowing the top off the hive.
  • Top ventilate all colonies. (Overwintering a Honey Bee Colony)

Mixing Fumidil-B

Dissolve seven-eighths teaspoon of the Fumidil-B in 1/3 cup of warm water. Stir until thoroughly dissolved.

Dissolve seven pounds of granulated sugar in 1 quarts of hot tap water. Add the 1/3 cup of thoroughly dissolved Fumidil-B to the sugar syrup.

Feed one gallon to the colony in February and one gallon in November.

Feed one gallon when you install a package, one gallon three weeks later and one gallon in November.

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