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Feeding Bees with Hard Candy

The hard candy method is more work but reduces moisture problems associated with syrup feeding during the cold weather.

Preparing the candy


12 pounds table sugar

1 pounds honey

1 quart water

teaspoon cream of tartar

Heat the water while adding the sugar and honey. Stir continuously until the mixture is liquid. Remove the spoon; do not stir, but continue to heat the mixture. Heat the boiling mixture to 238 F. Do not stir while cooking. When the temperature reaches 238 F, remove from the heat source and add the cream of tartar. Cool the mixture to 125 F and stir vigorously until the mixture becomes cloudy white. Pour the mixture into a rectangular cake pan or candy feeder box.

Candy molded in cake pan can be wrapped in wax paper and placed in the hive.

A candy feed box can be constructed from a piece of one-half inch plywood the size of an inner cover. A 1 -inch rail is nailed around the perimeter of the plywood to make a tray. Nail 12 roofing nails into the inside bottom of the plywood tray to anchor the candy after it hardens.
Place the tray, candy-side down, over the bees. Cover the tray with the inner and outer covers.

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